Our olive groves
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Aegean Sea

To tame the wild and hard to reach olive grove from the Plomari’s side of the island of Lesbos it takes courage, patience and tenacity. It requires knowledge and skill. It takes love for what you do.

Four generations

Kostas Protoulis is the third straight generation of the family that cultivates olive trees and produces oil. His children are the fourth. And their children, when they come, will be the fifth; born and bred olive tree growers.


Aegean Gold

The iconic and oldest of the three Protoulis products boasts an extensive collection of awards and medals, received over time in world-renowned competitions.


Its name means, "emerging from the Aegean". It is a tribute to the origins of the Protoulis family.


Early harvest olive oil is wildly demanding. It is a product of unripe, green olive fruits which need to be pressed either on harvest day or the next day at the latest.

Olive Grove

Lesbos is a great olive forest.
On an island of 1,634 km² there are 11 billion growing olive trees. Wherever you may look, you see olives.