Unique Landscape

Three are the dominant varieties of olive groves on the island

Kolovi covering 65%, the minorasian Adramytiani covering 30%, and the Latholia covering the remaining 5%.

Lesbian olive oil is unique and its olive grove is one of the oldest in all of Greece.

Natural diversity is one of the main characteristics of the island. The morphology of the landscape is semi mountainous, rough and steep. Although rich in vegetation, Lesbos does not have big rivers, only streams. It features a mild Mediterranean climate and is very sunny throughout the year. Strong northern and northwesterly winds are typical. Winters are mild and short, with rain, and summers are hot and rather dry.

The Lesbos olive groves are distinct

From the northeastern side of the meadows, cultivation is easier. The farms are flat, favouring mechanical harvesting techniques.

On the mountainous terrains though, over the Plomari area, where the Protoulis plots are located, everything is done with great physical effort and care. To endure quality, you need to collect the fruit from the tree at the right moment. You need to place and gather your nets several times and climb the steep terraces.